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Monday, October 24, 2005

Essential Holiday Sauce

Please check out the Essential Holiday Sauce on my recipe page (link below left). It's, well....Essential for your holiday cooking.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Coffee, or lack thereof.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my fingernails for about a month now, because they are absurdly long, strong, and beautiful. I haven't even been painting them because they are a nice un-stained color. I’ve always had nice fingernails, but they are growing so fast, and not breaking. At first I thought they were just having an end-of-the-summer growth spurt, and told people that they would dry out and start breaking again once we turned the heat on in the house. Well, the heat’s been on for 3 weeks, and my nails still look great!

I even took some old nail polish off my toenails, and noticed a difference. I’ve had 3 toenails with that white fungus “stuff” under them for about 5 years now. I’ve tried anti-bacterial liquids, and years of Tea Tree Oil, always wearing socks, wearing no socks, and many other things that have been suggetsed to me over the years, with no effect. My mother has the same thing, so I didn’t think there was much to do about it, and it didn’t hurt anything but my vanity.

Well now I think the fungus may be growing out of my toenails! That will take months to make sure, but I’m hopeful.

What does this have to do with today’s title about Coffee? I was talking about my fingernails to a co-worker who was receiving a back-scratch from me at the time, and I realized that my fingernails (and toenails) started growing so well very close to the time that I finally quit drinking coffee. Yes, giving up coffee wasn’t as hard as giving up soda pop since I substituted Adagio loose leaf tea for the coffee, but I did it! (By the way, loose leaf tea is SO much better than tea bags, and I STRONGLY suggest at least looking at If you want a $5 gift certificate, post a comment to that effect below and I will arrange it. Also check out their “Ingenuitea” brewing cups.)

If this lack of coffee does work on my toenails I’m going to suggest it to a friend of mine who’s MD has been wanting to surgically remove all of his toenails due to the fungus “stuff”. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The times they are a-changin'

Is anyone else out there sick of the changing world? My friends are sick, or worse: dead, other friends are having babies, others are moving, Things at work are changing, my body is changing (damn hormones!), my car is falling apart with only 55,000 miles on it, the weather is changing (but I still love autumn), and don’t even get me started on “Natural Disaster Burnout”. And then there is the war, and since I've travelled a lot, I think I can understand "The Big Picture", but what about that exit stratagy? And when is the stupidity of almost every African country going to stop? When are they going to grow up and run a country like a country, instead of a private play ground?

Comments please? Anyone else feeling like this?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Fuoride = Rat Poison

It dawns on me that many of you don’t understand the danger of Fluoride. Mono Fluoride Sulfate is used in toothpaste and city water supplies to prevent cavities; its very close cousin Fluoride Sulfate is an effective Rat and insect poison. Mono Fluoride Sulfate is allowed in very small quantities in our toothpaste and water, as stated in the article below. Fluoride Sulfate is much more dangerous, and the EPA is allowing it in foods that are eaten in large quantities at the same levels allowed in toothpaste, which we assume is spat out. Where do they find these morons who work for the government?

Answer: The person(s) who allowed this were most probably “paid off” by Dow to push this through before anyone could properly research it and stop it. Or more likely were promised a job at Dow in a year or two. ~sigh~

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fluoride in your eggs?

Please take a moment to read the below news story on the poisonous amounts of fluoride that our government has allowed in the dried eggs that are served in most schools and institutions across our country. I have posted it in its entirety and with permission from its publishers at

Public health bodies slam new fluoride tolerance levels
By Anthony Fletcher

Environmental organizations claim that new food tolerances for the fluoride-based pesticide sulfuryl fluoride could be potentially damaging to public health.The new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tolerances were requested by Dow AgroSciences following the firm's expansion of its pesticide sulfuryl fluoride - trade name ProFume – which is used to fumigate food processing facilities and storage areas.
The product targets stored product pests, as well as those insects that may be transported from the field on food commodities. But some environmental groups argue that the new levels are potentially dangerous.
Indeed, the Environmental Working Group, Beyond Pesticides and the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) said that the maximum legal limits for the fluoride-based pesticide in foods have been set at levels that dwarf the amount allowed in tap water.
For example, the EPA is allowing 900 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride in dried eggs, as opposed to the maximum 4 ppm allowed in tap water. One third of the nation's eggs are sold and consumed in dried, reconstituted form.
The groups also noted that 900 ppm set for dried eggs is extremely close to that used in toothpaste (1,000 ppm), a level that is considered toxic if consumed in greater than pea sized portions.
“How can the EPA consider 900 ppm in eggs safe, while the Food and Drug Administration directs parents to call poison control centers if their children consume more than a pea sized portion of toothpaste with fluoride at 1,000 ppm?” asked Paul Connett, executive director of FAN.
“Unlike toothpaste, eggs are meant to be eaten, not spat out.”
It isn't just powdered eggs that could contain dangerous but legal levels of fluoride under the new regime. Fluoride Action Network (FAN) researcher Chris Neurath claims that all processed foods will be allowed 70 ppm fluoride residues, including everything from breakfast cereal to cake mix.
“Wheat flour is allowed up to 125 ppm,” he said. “For comparison, the maximum level of fluoride allowed in drinking water is 4 ppm and the natural level of fluoride in mothers' milk is approximately 0.008 ppm. The potential for a significant number of acute poisoning cases every year is very real.”
Dow AgroSciences however believes that the establishment of new accepted fluoride levels is great news for millers and food processors. ”With the label amendments and additional tolerances, ProFume brings unprecedented flexibility and effective, reliable control of stored product pests to more markets segments and broadens its use pattern,” said Drew Ratterman, marketing specialist, Dow AgroSciences.
“We appreciate the continued support of many throughout the industry during this registration process and are pleased to be able to offer a product that meets their fumigation needs.”
However Richard Wiles, senior vice-president of the Environmental Working Group (EWG,), contends that EPA is relying on outdated science to support this increase in fluoride exposure.
“In our view [the EPA] has not discharged its legal duty to thoroughly consider the effects of fluoride on infants and children, from all routes of exposure, based on a thorough review of the most recent peer-reviewed science,” he said.

Here is the link to the original page:

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