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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Doctor Massage

Last Tuesday I went to the doctor for a check up, and everything is great with me. But she had just moved, and looked stressed, so I asked her if she had a couple of minutes to tell me about it. She started telling me ALL about it right away, and as she was talking I motioned for her to sit in a chair, and I started to massage her shoulders.

By the time we were done she refused to charge me the co-pay, and made an appointment to have me massage her that Saturday morning at 9:30 am. I charged her $40, and she left a $10 tip, and she asked if she can do that every Saturday morning. Doing some quick mathematics in my head I said "yes!" She is also going to convince her husband, another doctor, to have my massages.

Then Ron and I were at Clearbrook (a local golf course and grille room) for a night cap Thursday night and we were telling the bartender about it. I happened to be sitting next to a very intoxicated OBGYN, who had had a very "bad delivery" that day, and she said that she would also love to have me give her massages.

Think of the shoes I can buy!

Monday, August 22, 2005

The causes of dis-ease

Allopathic medicine (what most people think of as “regular” doctors and medicine) appears to work because it relieves the discomfort of symptoms quickly. When in pain or discomfort people like to have quick relief; it’s human nature. However, relief from symptoms does not mean that a cure has been performed. Often in Allopathic practice the patient is palliated with medicine that causes the symptom to be ignored by the body, as in pain and antacid medicines, or the illness is suppressed but not cured, as is often the case when antibiotics are given. In almost all cases the doctor will diagnose a disease, and then prescribe a chemical/drug to combat the symptoms of the disease, while completely ignoring its initial cause. Worse cases are regularly performed when antibiotics are given to children with viruses, which are not influenced by these drugs, simply to make the parent feel better, or worse, to make the parent feel better. Many of the drugs that are prescribed by allopathic doctors have a short term positive response, with the symptoms returning with a vengeance after the drugs have worn off. One can observe this in any manner of drug, from pain medications, to antibiotics, to antacids, to coffee, and even in Homeopathic medicines. There is an action, followed by a re-action. Take the example of coffee: The action is stimulation, the reaction is lethargy.

Naturopathy works because it refrains from suppressing acute disease by use of drugs. According to Naturopathy, suppression of acute diseases is the cause of chronic diseases. When we live our lives simply and in moderation, by eating natural whole fresh foods, getting plenty of rest, and working our minds and our bodies without over-stressing them, we are healthy. According to Naturopathic philosophy we should be able to keep healthy as long as we keep our bodies toxin free.

There are three causes of disease, and these causes work at the cellular level. One cause is interference or obstruction of the connection between the cells of the body and the central nervous system. Another cause is an accumulation of waste and morbid matter on a cellular level, in the blood, in the lymphatic system, as well as in the organs of elimination (bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin).The third cause is nutrition, whereas good nutrition facilitates good blood, lymph, and other body fluids, while poor nutrition facilitates a buildup of morbid mater and waste materials in those fluids. According to the theory of nature cure, the cause of disease is the accumulation of morbid matter and toxins in the body. The body then proceeds to eliminate these accumulations, and we are distressed by the symptoms of this elimination, which takes the form of any number or combination of discomforts.

Please do not confuse symptoms with disease; a disease is a name attached to the cause and/or the aggregation of the symptoms (if the cause is unknown), while symptoms are the bodies’ eliminatory reaction to the disease. Disease is simply a lack of health. The simplest way to prevent disease is to prevent introduction of un-natural, inorganic chemicals and product into our bodies. Once again, only put natural whole foods into your body to achieve health.