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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tea Time

You-all should know by now how I feel about soda pop. Nasty! And not the Janet Jackson kinda nasty, which is really a lot of fun. Am I showing my age?

What to drink instead? Tea! Chamomile after dinner, rooibos flavored with Jasmine, Green tea flavored with citrus or ginseng, gunpowder, dragon pearls, white Darjeeling, black tea with real dried cranberries, or my personal favorite that instantly transports me to a hot August day south of Tokyo, Japan: Hojicha.

More and more trials and tests are coming out reporting on how healthy both black tea and green tea is for you. White tea and the specialty teas like rooibos are also great for your health, but they don't have the money behind them to sponser thoses expensive tests and trials. Who cares? We humans have been drinking tea as long as we have been boiling water!

Tea bags are easy and help to control the mess of loose leaf teas, tea balls work OK, but to get the most from your tea you should let the tea leaves “breathe” or rather, float around to their hearts content for a few minutes. A wonderful tea company called Adagio Teas has come up with the perfect answer; the InginuiTea. (Man! I wish I could come up with great names like that!)

For between 10¢ to about 15¢ per cup it’s so much more affordable than sodas or specialty coffees, is natural, some of them have a little natural caffeine in them, and they have many dozens of non-caffeinated teas to choose from. If you want more information here is a link to
their website or else you can click on the box in the margin to receive a $5 coupon, which will usually more than pay for your ground shipping charges.