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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Diet is "Die" with a "T"

Monday, two days ago, I found some health notes whilst perusing through my old Franklin Planner. I noticed that I weighed exactly 22 pounds less 10 years ago than I do today. Twenty two pounds! That’s a nice tidy 2.2 pounds per year average growth. I was not happy.

So yesterday I decide to go on a diet, and I’ve decided to slightly limit my carbohydrates and begin a serious exercise program. You-all must realize how much I hate to exercise. Truly. I hate going to gyms, mostly because it takes longer to change my clothes before and after working out than it take me to work out. Why do people do that? Also, I don’t ever want to spend $250 on a matching spandex outfit just to feel “in”.

I do have about $500 worth of equipment in a storage room in my basement, including Weider Universal Gym, a used punching bag, a stepping machine that I bought for $75 and isn’t worth $10 because I HATE IT but I refuse to buy a “good” one for $1000, and a Gazelle™ kinda-running machine that I actually like to use. I have one old paint-spattered radio with tape-to-tape recording capabilities that I listen to the local “old time” rock station on (read 70’s and 80’s, and even some 90’s rock). I keep thinking that if I put an old TV down there it would help, but I know it won’t.

Labor Day I did start climbing the 282 steps up a forested sand dune in a local park (Mt. Baldy to you locals) and it went great: I went at least 2 times a week for about 6 weeks. Then it stopped due to some consistently rainy weather. I felt great while I was doing it though.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions for exercise motivation I’m open to them all!

I probably should also confess that I have had no less than 4 meals today, and it’s only 2:00. I had cereal for breakfast (carbs), we had guests in the office today and they brought bagels (carbs), a baked potato and chili for lunch (carbs), and I’m eating yet another bagel as I type this (carbs). How am I doing? Don’t you dare answer that!


Blogger ~drew emborsky~ said...

You're doing fine because at least you are thinking about it! That's always the first step, right?

10:10 AM  

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