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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's a "dirty" job but...

Well, I’ve been trying to climb the Mt. Baldy steps about twice a week, and I still have to get there this week and it’s Wednesday already! Actually, I thought today was Thursday until about 10:30 this morning and can you imagine my wide eyed disappointment when I was told it was only Wednesday? I just HATE when that happens.

Anyhoo, I decided that all of those steps were actually working on making my gluteus maximum more firm, if not smaller, and that I now needed to devise a similar (read “free and somewhat rewarding) exercise regimen for my upper body. I was provided the answer last night while I drove into my garage, where at the end of my driveway there is one very large pile of sand and another very large pile of black dirt that my Dear Husband had a friend deliver. D.H. said he was helping the guy out, and that the guy was supposed to return with a tractor of some sort to bulldoze and grade the sand and dirt into a lovely space ripe for gardening. This last part apparently never happened.

But there I stood last night, enjoying the spring weather, looking outside my garage door and admiring (cursing?) those two 5 foot tall x 10 foot diameter piles of dirt. Which needed to be shoveled. By my weak armed crooked backed body. Voila! There is my free and rewarding upper body workout!

I let the kitties outside and grabbed the shovel and panted and puffed for about 20 minutes and thought “Boy, that’s a great workout and I should be able to get these piles under control in about 20 more workouts!” Then I stepped back and took another look and realized that I might be more like 80 more workouts. Pumpkin and Scootie just ate grass and paid little attention to my efforts.

I hope I get done before it gets too hot outside in August.