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Thursday, April 19, 2007

On top of Old Baldy

So I’ve been sitting on my fat a$$ all winter. I have got exactly NO exercise since November, and I enlisted the motivational help of my Very Good Friend Molly to help me. We made an appointment with each other to meet Tuesday night at 5:45 pm in Saugatuck at Mount Baldy. Mount Baldhead is a big white ball that we erected by the armed forces in the 1940’s (I think) as a radar and observation tower, and is today only used as a tower to house weather cameras for local television stations. Why did we meet here? Because there are 282 wooden planked steps to the top of the hill where the ball is perched, and it’s a serious workout with a breathtaking view when you’re done.

The 282 Steps of Doom!

The rewarding view of downtown Saugatuck and the Kalamazoo River from the top of the steps. Woo Hoo!