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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

3 New Recipes!

Please check out the three new recipes on my recipe page! Just click on the “Recipe” button down on the left of this page. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mix it up!

Mix it up! It is proven that we adults become allergic to the things that we are most in contact with; and this is especially true with foods. If we eat too much peanut butter we become allergic to peanuts, if we have a house full of cats as children it’s likely we will be allergic to these wonderfully aloof creatures as adults, if we love Italian and Mexican foods we may become allergic to tomatoes, if we eat roast and potatoes every day of our lives these things become allergens. You get the idea.

So mix it up! Have Sushi for lunch and Italian for dinner on Monday, and Russian soup (borscht) for lunch Tuesday, and lamb roast with green beans for dinner that night. Wednesday is Chinese veggies in husin sauce with brown rice for lunch, and Hamburgers on wheat buns with baked beans with onions and molasses in them for dinner. Thursday try cold potato-leek soup in chicken stock (recipe to follow) for lunch and fried halibut fingers with sweet corn for dinner. Friday let’s have chicken molé for lunch and a coconut shrimp salad for dinner. Since we won’t have time to cook on our usually busy Saturday, I’m planning… You got it… LEFTOVERS! Of which you should have plenty of by now. Since we will have time to cook on our lazy Sunday, let’s go all out, invite the neighbors over, take out a 2nd mortgage and cook up some paella for an early supper.

My Goodness, I’m tired just thinking about cooking all that food… And hungry! It certainly makes me wish I could do nothing but cook in my little kitchen all day long.

More things to make you hungry:
Pancakes with fresh crushed raspberry sauce on them instead of syrup
Fresh baked egg bread, braided
Tenderloin (beef, pork, elk, or moose) on the grill, sliced thinly on buns, served with fresh made cabbage salad.
Oatmeal with peach slices and yoghurt

Fresh fish with Bahamas style peas and rice (recipe to follow)